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Variable 01

Sun 16 Sep 18

Audio / Visual / Architectural / Installation

Layered through the five floors of Brixton Windmill, evolving through each floor to converge at the summit, field recordings, prepared piano and visuals explore the traditional, contemporary and diverse culture of Brixton.

The piece progresses with each level as you climb, responding to different elements of Brixton’s culture. On the final floor all layers of the work are combined to create the summit of the experience.

The music was created using samples recorded around Brixton and within the windmill itself. It also features prepared piano motifs tuned to the field recordings.

The visuals are designed to work in harmony with the music, further immersing the audience as they move through the building.


Gestalt; an organised whole perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

A collaborative project directed & curated by composers Joel Wells & Abi Wade; With a sole focus on creating experimental music works and soundscapes, which have an intrinsic relationship to visual art, Variable 01 was written in collaboration with pianist Hinako Omori.

Instagram: @gestalt_sound


Playing Field: A creative communication studio comprising a fluid network of highly experienced creative people. Producing forward-thinking and engaging work.

This installation is part of London Design Festival and Brixton Design Trail.


Time notes:

Satruday 15 and Sunday 16 September, 2-5pm