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We have begun developing a range of educational materials for teachers to use in the classroom when learning about Brixton Windmill.

We will be uploading these materials over the coming months, so check back soon to learn more!

The Little Red Hen Storyboard

'The Little Red Hen' is one of our most popular taught sessions at Brixton Windmill.

Aimed at children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1, the tale of the little red hen helps to explain the process involved in making bread - from growing the wheat, milling the grain to produce flour and eventually baking the loaf. The little red hen is hard working, but she cannot persuade her friends to help her! 

Download the storyboard below to use in the classroom.

Download The_Little_Red_Hen_1.pdf...

Drawing Brixton Windmill

This worksheet is particularly suitable for secondary school students of art and design. It contains suggestions of types of drawings of Brixton Windmill that your students could attempt.  it is also useful to primary school teachers preparing a drawing lesson at the windmill.

Click the link below to download a PDF copy.

Download Drawing_Brixton_Windmill.pdf...