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Image: Paul Richardson

Taught sessions

Exciting workshops for primary schools

We offer schools the chance to take part in exciting curriculum-based workshops that explore the history of Brixton Windmill and the local area.

Each workshop is designed so that it touches upon important elements in the schools curriculum. Follow the links on the right to find out details about each of our four workshops currently offered.  

The Little Red Hen

Suitable for Foundation (including Pre-?School Nursery) and Key Stage 1

The little red hen is hard working, but she cannot persuade her friends to help her make a loaf of bread. Can you help?

Meet the Miller

Suitable for years 1-4 (adapted according to age group)

Mr Ashby is the miller at Brixton Windmill.  He is a hard-working man who knows how to make delicious flour for making bread.

Flour Power

Suitable for years 3-6

Come and visit inner London's only surviving windmill. Learn about how windmills work, the inventors and engineers behind these remarkable buildings, and how people used them in the past.

Robbed of Wind!

Suitable for years 4-6

The year is 1861 and the Ashby family – the millers at Brixton Windmill – are not happy. Their windmill is being robbed of wind.