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Image: Jeff Thomas

Schools' Education Programme

At Brixton Windmill we are offering school groups an opportunity to immerse themselves in their local heritage with an educational visit to the mill.

We offer four workshops for children at Nursery, Reception, KS1 and KS2 levels.   

All workshops other than the Little Red Hen consist of two sessions: an outreach session at your school followed by a visit to Brixton Windmill. 

Click the links below for details of activities and learning opportunities at each workshop.

Workshops last between 1.5 and 2 hours. The cost is £80 per session for schools based in Lambeth, and £120 for schools outside Lambeth.

(It is possible to book a single-session workshop option that takes place at Brixton Windmill.)

Please note that our new education centre opens in summer 2019. Until then we are only able to offer workshops at Brixton Windmill on Mondays.

Please contact for more information.