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Mill memories

Here are some of the stories about Brixton Windmill and the surrounding area that people shared with us for our Mill Memories project

Posted on 08/05/2014

Hector Marshalleck

Hector Marshalleck sings the praises of Brixton's heritage, including Brixton Windmill.

Posted on 08/05/2014

Florence Hall

Florence Hall remembers scrumping - and getting caught! - around Brixton Windmill.

Posted on 08/05/2014

Kate Ruby

Kate Ruby describes the first time she saw Brixton Windmill, when she was working in Brixton Prison.

Posted on 06/05/2014

Robert Burns

Robert Burns talks about his great-great-grandparents moving to Brixton from Bethnal Green.

Posted on 28/08/2013

June Stillman

June Stillman has been visiting Brixton Windmill for nearly 30 years. She organised Girl's Brigade outings to the Mill in the 1980s and has taken hundreds of photographs of the building. June...

Posted on 28/08/2013

Sue and Gilbert Young

Sue and Gilbert Young shared their story about Brixton Windmill at a group recording session held on 8 June 2013. While training as a student nurse, Sue remembers visiting Brixton Prison. Looking out...